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CleanFleet Can Help You Avoid Clearinghouse Fines & Penalties!



Understand Your Responsibilities


January 6, 2020 is when employers & service agents will be required to report driver violations of FMCSA drug & alcohol testing regulations; employers must run full queries in the Clearinghouse every time they hire a CDL driver to perform safety-sensitive functions; and employers must run a queries on all current drivers performing safety-sensitive drivers once a year; and continue manual inquiries with previous employers to meet the previous three years of employment history.

For full details, read this article. 

There will be two reasons required to query the database with two types of database checks (full detailed query, and a limited query):

  1. A Full Detailed Query for Pre-Employment Screening: Employers will be required to check and make sure any driver they are planning to hire does not have an outstanding positive test result. This type of check will be a full detailed query checking for results from Jan 6th, 2020 and onward.
  2. A Limited Query for Annual Screening: Employers will also need to update their driver rosters with the database at least once a year to determine whether information exists in the Clearinghouse about those employees. This type of check will be a limited query. If the limited query shows information in the clearinghouse database, a full detailed query is required.If a full query is not done within 24 hours, the employer must not allow the driver to continue to perform any safety-sensitive functions until the full query in conducted and the results confirm that the driver’s record contains no prohibitions.

Employers are also responsible for reporting the following information to the Clearinghouse (within three business days of each instance):

  • - Alcohol confirmation test result with alcohol concentration of 0.04 or greater
  • - A refusal to test
  • - A report that the driver completed all follow-up tests prescribed in SAP report
  • - Report actual knowledge of workplace drug and alcohol use
  • - Reporting a negative drug and alcohol return to duty tests

CleanFleet helps with these queries, offers full Driver Qualification File Management for the full electronic and manual three year history inquiries, and more.

fmcsa drug testing clearinghouse

Register Now to the CDL Clearinghouse!


Employers and drivers can now register to the CDL Clearinghouse on the federal Clearinghouse website. Employers have until January 6th, 2020 to register before violations could occur.

Click here to register now at the Federal Clearinghouse website. 

Click here for a step-by-step guide on HOW to Register to the Clearinghouse.


Want Help With Registration? 

We are helping companies register to the CDL Clearinghouse when companies join our consortium drug testing membership and includes an MCS150 update and helping you obtain FMCSA Portal credentials, if necessary. $75.00

Driver's can be helped as well for $10.00.

Call Us Today - 503.479.6082


*** February 3rd, 2020 Update: The Clearinghouse website is functional and FMCSA Portal website is working for creating new accounts and linking to the Clearinghouse. Now that the site is working, be sure to run your queries BEFORE the pre-employment drug test of your new hires.***

ensuring drivers are clean

Ensuring Your Drivers Are CLEAN and SAFE


As a Best-in-Class TPA, CleanFleet can support customized drug and alcohol screening programs that include any and all testing: Pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, return-to-work, and follow-up testing. We can also help set-up new testing policies and programs, background checks, and more customized for your needs.

CleanFleet goes beyond drug testing. We help keep drivers safe on the road through our safety department, which offers: DQ Files, pre and post-audit help including corrective action plans that can reduce DOT violation fines, and driver/company training programs.


FMCSA Clearinghouse and the DQ File Process


The Department of Transportation is establishing a central database to contain all relevant drug and alcohol testing information for commercial drivers as a part of their driver files. It is a tool for managers to determine whether a prospective driver or their current workforce is eligible to perform safety sensitive functions.

It will affect “all CDL drivers who operate CMVs on public roads, and their employers and service agents.”

All carriers need to register on the Clearinghouse; Carriers who use a Third-Party Administrator need to identify the TPA on the Clearinghouse; All Owner/Operators must identify the TPA responsible for managing their Clearinghouse compliance.

CleanFleet provides compliant services to all FMCSA regulated employers needing help with the Clearinghouse: Consortium Membership, Clearinghouse Services, DQ File Management, and Company Policy Updates.

clearinghouse and the dq file process
drug and alcohol testing policies

It's Time To Update Your Company Drug Testing Policies


When was the last time you reviewed your policy? The Clearinghouse is an important time to review and update your company testing policies because employers need to add language to their policies to notify drivers and potential new drivers that their required drug testing results will be reported to the Clearinghouse.

CleanFleet can help companies with policy development from the ground up.

• Policy Purpose
• Specimen Types
• Testing Procedures, Prescription Drug Disclosure
• Department of Transportation (DOT)
• Mandatory State Drug Testing Laws
• Marijuana Laws
• Workers' Compensation Denial/Reduction
• Unemployment Denial
• Workers' Compensation Premium Discounts
• Prohibited Conduct
• Consequences

Bundle and Save


CleanFleet offers help with queries, consortium membership, driver qualification file management, and driver/company training all al la carte. However, we offer several bundle packages that provide special savings and extra services.

Check out the bundled packages and what they include.

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Need Help With The Clearinghouse Queries?

Contact CleanFleet 503.479.6082


We at CleanFleet can help you with all your Clearinghouse needs with packages that may include:

  • - Clearinghouse Services
  • - Consortium/TPA Membership (required for Owner Operators)
  • - Driver Qualification File Management
  • - Updating Company Testing Policies
  • - Managed Driver/Company Web-Based Training

Learn more about our Clearinghouse Membership.

cleanfleet can help with the clearinghouse and consortium membership