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What you should KNOW and DO about Diluted Urine Drug Tests

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Have you ever received a drug test result that says “Negative Dilute”? If you have, I am sure you were confused about what it meant.

Companies immediately face questions like: Does the person tested have drugs in their system or not? How does your company policy handle this situation? Should they be tested again?

Let’s walk through this together on What you should KNOW and DO about “Diluted” Urine Drug Tests. Download the ebook now.

  • - What you should KNOW about “Diluted” Urine Drug Tests
  • - What Is Considered “Dilution” In Urine Drug Testing?
  • - What “Dilution” Is Not
  • - Why should I care?
  • - Positive Vs. Negative Diluted Specimen
  • - What you should DO about “Diluted” Urine Drug Tests
  • - What Should Be In Your Policy?
  • - DOT Regulated Guidelines


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