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CleanFleet Springs Forward – New Services!

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CleanFleet is beginning 2016 with a suite of new services for our DOT and Non-DOT clients! 



24-7 On-Call and On-Site Collection Service 

If you do business in the Portland metro area,  CleanFleet is now available to come out to meet your staff on-site to conduct pre-employment, random, post accident, reasonable suspicion, return-to-duty, and follow-up testing. Within a 25 mile radius of our two CleanFleet locations, one of our DOT certified collectors can come to your workplace or accident site and conduct the right collection to meet your need: DOT or Non-DOT, rapid or standard, urine, hair follicle, or oral swab. This service is available to our consortium and non-consortium clients. Our collectors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Learn More Here



Electronic Chains of Custody Forms (eCCFs)

Properly handling a chains of custody has never been easy and it requires the due diligence and cooperation of multiple players to make sure the right test is taken by the right person at the right place and time. CleanFleet can now simplify this process by making electronic chains of custody (eCCF) available to our DOT and Non-DOT clients. Using an eCCF will reduce the chances of the collection facility administering the wrong test, eliminate the possibility of losing paperwork in the process, make illegible handwriting a thing of the past, and will allow your MRO to provide you with results more quickly.

Learn More Here



Hair Follicle and Oral Swab Testing (NON-DOT ONLY)

Urine tests have been, and remain, the industry standard for industrial and vocational drug testing. However, urine tests also have a narrow window of detection for many controlled substances (like heroin and methamphetamine) and urine samples are more prone to being diluted or tampered. Hair follicle and oral swab testing can give you flexibility in ascertaining when a drug may have been used, they are almost tamper proof, and are much less invasive than standard urine tests.

Learn More About Hair Testing

Learn More About Oral (Saliva) Testing


Free Online Test Authorization Request (CleanFleet Consortium Members Only)  

We love talking to our clients and will always help them over the phone when they need an authorization to test. However, we've now made it even easier for our consortium clients to get an authorization to test. Just visit our website, click on the "Client Test Request" header, and fill out the form! One of our representatives will email you back shortly and provide you with an authorization.

Check it out Here


Want more information? Visit our website or give us a call! 



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