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Fourth Quarter Means Consortium Crunch Time for Random Testing

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Fourth Quarter Means Consortium Crunch Time for Random Testing

Written by Lucas Kibby, CleanFleet

dot drugt and alcohol testing observed testingOctober marks the beginning of the 4th quarter, and for drug & alcohol Consortiums like CleanFleet, it’s crunch time!

Consortiums managing pools of individuals governed by the Department of Transportation need to meet the minimum testing percentage requirements set forth by the DOT every year.

Over the past several years, the DOT mandated percentages have remained constant. At least 25% of DOT governed employees in a testing pool must be randomly tested for drugs while 10% need to be tested for alcohol by the end of the testing year. If these numbers are not met for any pool, every company that has drivers in that pool is out of compliance with the DOT.

At CleanFleet, we are proud to say that they have met and exceeded the required random testing minimums of the DOT, and are on track to do it again this year. We take the job of managing DOT testing seriously as each individual company depends upon the group to follow through with their drivers to meet the testing requirements.

The CleanFleet staff works tirelessly to ensure each company’s Designated Employer Representative (DER) is informed of driver selections and assists them in tracking which drivers have been tested and who have not.

If there are ever any questions or concerns about the random testing process or are having problems with your current consortium, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (503) 479-6082.

22 Oct, 16

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