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Do you trust your TPA or Drug Testing Collection Site?

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Do you trust your TPA or Drug Testing Collection Site?

Written by Lucas Kibby, CleanFleet

One day a driver who, instead of being tested on-site of an accident, came into one of our collection sites for a post-accident drug test. Unfortunately, the driver presented an out of temperature specimen (a potential sign of cheating).

Do you trust your TPA or Collection Site?As per DOT Protocol our staff instructed the donor that according to the DOT regulations he has to re-test and it would be under direct observation. The donor acknowledged and stated that since he had just urinated, wondered how would he be able to do so again. Our staff gave further instruction and went into the shy bladder process.

After a while, the donor offered one of our staff $1,000 to “make this all go away”. After refusing to fix the paperwork, the donor asked if the staff member would just pee for him and fix it that way. Again, our staff member refused, stating that there was no way I was going to break the law.

The donor then broke down and admitted that he would not pass the test. He stated that he had been talking with his boss who was directing him to wait the 3 hours and not test, then go on vacation and wait 30 days.

After a while longer, the donor decided not to re-test and just wait to see what the MRO was going to do.

What worries us about this story was what the donor’s boss advised the driver. Not only is what was advised against the law, but devastating to a driver seeking help and found none.

Be sure your drug and alcohol tests are handled by a reputable drug testing vendor. The wrong choice in a service agent for your drug testing services may or may not cause ongoing problems, but it only takes one test to go bad for devastating consequences to occur.

As Joe Reilly, past Chairman and current board member of the Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) said in an article, “drug and alcohol testing is serious business; it is not like buying office supplies where you get the lowest price for 100 staplers. You need a drug testing program with many moving parts and you need service, compliance, accuracy, and someone who will answer the phone.”

CleanFleet is a Best-In-Class TPA with the experience, training, staff, and certifications/accreditations needed to handle your company’s Drug Testing Program, no matter your industry. Call us today at 503-479-6082.

Remember: You don’t hire a plumber to do your electrical work, so why hire an urgent care clinic to do your drug testing? Read more on Basics In Evaluating A TPA

04 Nov, 16

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