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Adapting to Technology changes, CleanFleet Communication moving Paperless

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Adapting to Technology changes, CleanFleet Communication moving Paperless

Article written by Alesha Suydam, CleanFleet

There has already been big changes for the world and our country in 2017 and we at CleanFleet have also introduced a few changes. As of January 2017, the beginning of our paperless journey started.

Many of our clients may have received a phone call or had a conversation with our staff about CleanFleet switching to paperless operations and communication. The main component of paperless operation is technology.

DiffusionOfInnovationTechnology is rapidly changing the face of the world that we live in and we must adjust accordingly or be left behind. We understand that some clients are resistant to technology, that they may feel things were better when times were simpler or that communication was more precious because it was not so common.

This is easily understood when looking at the Technology Adoption Life-cycle. There are always the Late Majority or Laggards who adopt slowly to technology. We understand the resistance but we as a company must move forward in order to improve our efficiency and costs so we can better serve our clients.


Why we must not be too resistant to changes in technology and why this helps our clients

Technology makes things possible that may have seemed insurmountable in the past, such as talking with a loved one on the other side of the planet, flying in an airplane, or building prosthetics which are all wonderful advancements made possible by technology.

We can take these large leaps in technological advancements and apply them in an everyday way to our business practices. For example, in the shipping industry, the more efficiently a company can give and receive information the faster their business can run. Technology is key to connecting all the pieces.

That is why we at CleanFleet have been moving toward corresponding mainly through email or fax as a secondary option. If we can get our clients the documents or information they need in just a few clicks rather than printing, sending, and waiting for the documents, then we are doing our job more efficiently. We strive to send information to you in the quickest and most convenient way possible, which is why we prefer email communication.

Communicating through these new avenues can be daunting for the “Laggards” or neophyte tech user. We commonly hear stories from some of our clients about the downside of technological communication such as identity theft, unauthorized wireless fund transfer, and even SPAM. However, these issues are solvable. There are safety measures and policies in place that protect consumers and business owners alike.

If you haven’t already, our staff urges all our clients to create an email account for your business and allow us to communicate electronically with you. We are confident that you will find the benefits far outweigh the risks.

13 Mar, 17

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