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Dumb Ways to Try and Cheat a Drug Test

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Dumb Ways to Try and Cheat a Drug Test

Written By Lucas Kibby 

We at CleanFleet want to help companies and employee stay safe in the workplace, whether that is on the road in a semi-truck, at a construction site, or on the factory floor, especially if safety is a high priority for the company. We help with managing drug testing programs and policies and also have drug testing collection sites.

At these sites, we see people trying to cheat drug tests often. They are not fooling us. And when these people get caught, they are likely not getting hired, could be fired from their jobs, or could lose their business very quickly.

Below are the dumbest ways we see people trying to cheat a drug test.


Ingesting Harmful Chemicals

Many believe in ingesting small amounts in different combinations of household solvents, such as liquid bleach, is thought to be able to defeat drug tests in an effort to change the composition of their urine.

But in reality, drinking toxic chemicals will not detox your body for a drug test. In 2007 in Alabama, one teen drank some Clorox. Drinking bleach can burn the esophagus and stomach lining, causing a number of other health issues, like it did for that this person.

Not only does drinking noxious chemicals not clean your urine of any substance, it could kill you.


Urine Dilution

With today’s technology, urine dilution is a dumb move. The people testing urine for substances know that the majority of people taking their tests probably have searched for some way to falsify it. They are equipped with many equipment and testing measures to understand the chemical composition of the tested urine.

Also, bringing something to dilute urine to a drug test will be easy to spot. This method of cheating is now so obvious, there’s a term for it. When a test comes back with results reading “negative-dilute”, it’s obvious to probation officers and employers both that the person taking the test has diluted the sample somehow.

While this does not prove conclusively that the person used drugs, it does lead to suspicion. Often the person is tested all over again.


Synthetic Urine Substitutes

Some find the best alternative is to find a substitute that looks and acts like urine. Of course, many synthetic urines are for sale on the internet.

These compounds mimic the chemical and visual properties of human urine. The easiest way to be caught cheating is how the drug tester tries to get the fake urine, at the right temperature, into a sample cup.

And now, states are starting to make synthetic urine illegal in stores and some will fine the person cheating a drug test with this method, when caught.

Even if you were able to fool a collector gathering your urine sample, to a professional laboratory, synthetic urine cannot pass as real urine. As technology improves, urine tests are becoming more sophisticated and sensitive.


Shave All Your Hair

When it comes to a hair drug test, cheating can prove difficult. Nonetheless, people have tried to cover up their hair follicle tests by shaving their heads. Not only did you just lose you latest hair style, most drug testers don’t know about the “top down” process.

If there is no hair on top of your head, the next spot to grab a sample is the beard, then the arm pit, then chest hair, and on down the body.

Unless you are willing to shave every part of your body, trying to cheat a hair test, especially in this method, is not smart.

18 Apr, 18

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