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Does your company do Anonymous or Confidential Drug & Alcohol Testing?

If in Portland, Oregon metro area, just send us a photo, we won't check for ID. 

What is Anonymous Drug or Alcohol Testing? 

Some industries, like health professionals, want privacy in drug testing their donors. Our collection sites in Portland and Clackamas, Oregon are able to perform these anonymous or confidential drug testing programs tests. All services provided by our experienced team will be in accordance with all state requirements governing drug and alcohol abuse testing.

The privacy you want. The accuracy you need. We can help with these type of drug tests (urine, hair, saliva) or alcohol tests.

How we keep it anonymous:

  • - Have a photo ready of the donor when setting up a drug or alcohol test.
  • - When checking in, we match the photo to the donor and do not ask for ID.
  • - We perform the test in compliance with state requirements.
  • - The donor signs the chain with a 4 digit ID.
  • - That's it!
  • - Learn more about the different testing methods 

Why use CleanFleet Collection Sites in Portland and Clackamas

  • - Get results back in 48-96 hours after test
  • - We have male and female certified collectors on staff
  • - Little to no wait times
  • - Results can be reviewed by a Medical Review Office upon request to verify valid prescriptions
  • - DATIA Certified collection sites

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help in the Portland, Oregon metro area or want more information, please fill out the form below.