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Construction Industry Drug Testing

Not Happy with you Drug Testing Consortium or is it too much to Handle on your Own? We can help.

Drug and alcohol use in the Construction Industry is not only irresponsible; it is dangerous. Accidents caused by poor decision-making and slowed reaction times from drugs and/or alcohol can cause serious trouble.

  • - The construction industry has the highest rates of workplace drug use (National Survey on Drug Use and Health)
  • - Substance abuse is a factor in 38-50% of workers’ compensation claims, and 35% of fatalities (US Department of Labor in 2011)
  • - 40% of construction fatalities involve substance abuse and 71% of union members are in favor of drug testing (AON)

We offer the convenience and speed you desire whether it is from our Portland, OR area collection sites, managing or scheduling local or national on-site tests, or keeping your managers updated on Reasonable Suspicion Training. Don't have a drug testing program yet? Click here to learn more. 

On-site Testing

Studies show on-site testing has a higher rate of positives than clinic based testing, most likely because of the element of surprise. One of the tools a SUPERHERO has is creating and maintaining a drug-free workplace with little to no interruptions in your operations - and on-site collection may be the right option for you.

Let CleanFleet be your SIDEKICK of speed and convenience. For companies who are based-in or have operations from Battle Ground, WA to Salem, OR and from the Coast to Gresham, OR… CleanFleet will work with you to schedule and plan a test or series of tests suited to your needs, either during business hours or after, with one of our DOT certified collectors.

Not local? No problem. We have helped large companies with 10-20 sites nationwide to schedule on-sites for their random programs.

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Reasonable Suspicion Training

Being a SUPERHERO means protecting your workforce, the workplace, the public, and your company. Another tool in your arsenal is Reasonable Suspicion Training and making sure your managers are updated and current on what to look for.

Our Online Reasonable Suspicion Training is recommended for your company’s workforce leaders to determine if and/or when an employee may be impaired and then know the necessary steps to take to protect your company and the employee as it relates to specific company drug and alcohol policy compliance and safety. 

The training will include the physical, behavioral, speech, and performance indicators of probable workplace VILLAINS: alcohol misuse and use of controlled substances.

For more information on our online RST training and our pricing - fill out the form and we will reach out to you shortly.


Local Collection Sites

CleanFleet wants to be your SIDEKICK of speed and convenience. Our abilities stand out the most at our two Portland, Oregon area drug and alcohol testing clinics that offers a convenient and accommodating atmosphere for those inconvenient drug and alcohol tests. 

Why are our sites so amazing? There is no waiting behind flu shots, exams, or prescription refills and we have staff specialized in just collections and physicals. Our primary focus is with efficient and accurate collections. In fact, our CleanFleet clinics specialize in following all federal DOT (Part 40) drug and alcohol regulations for your drivers and employee screening programs, if needed. Our sites include:

- Certified Medical Examiners

- Hair, Oral (Saliva), and Urine Testing

- Use of Electronic Chain of Custody Forms (eCCFs)

- Rapid Collections with very low wait times

- Collectors Trained in Federal Collections

- Can perform Male and Female Observed Collections

- A clean and private Collection Facility

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Let CleanFleet be your SIDEKICK!


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