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Court Ordered Drug or Alcohol Testing

Divorce, Child Custody, Adoption, DUI Offenders, Domestic Violence, etc


What Situations Prompt Court-Ordered Drug or Alcohol Testing? 

Drug and alcohol testing are often requested by the courts to make judgments regarding many social and family cases. These cases include Child Custody, Adoption, Domestic Violence, DUI and more.

Determining if a parent is using drugs and/or alcohol or if the child is living in a drug environment can be factors in child custody hearings.

We work with courts to provide quick, accurate and confidential drug and alcohol testing. At CleanFleet's Portland, OR area testing sites, we perform many of these court-ordered drug or alcohol tests and follow all court policies.

Anyone directed to undergo drug court drug or alcohol testing may be required to submit to scheduled and random testing. CleanFleet can help you follow all court order rules.

Common Court-Ordered Testing Types

Why use CleanFleet's Portland, OR area location testing sites

  • - Get results back in 48-96 hours after test
  • - We have male and female certified collectors on staff
  • - Little to no wait times
  • - Results can be reviewed by a Medical Review Office upon request to verify valid prescriptions
  • - DATIA Certified collection sites


Outside of Oregon? We can schedule drug tests at nearby collection sites anywhere in the U.S. for: 

  • - Drug and alcohol rehab facilities
  • - Law firms or Courts who needs help scheduling many drug tests
  • - Other companies that need help scheduling many drug tests

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help or want more information, please fill out the form below.