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Driver Responsibilities Within A DOT Regulated Drug and Alcohol Program

Driver Responsibilities...

Your drivers are your most important asset. Almost literally, they are the place where the rubber meets the road in your business. CleanFleet's vision of qualified and drug free employees led us to create a training specifically designed to get your drivers familiar with the responsibilities they have in Drug and Alcohol Programs. Our goal is to help you create a workforce that is knowledgeable, compliant, and efficient. Whether your drivers are new to the industry, experienced but uninformed, or just confused about testing, they can have questions answered at this training.

Drivers will learn the following:

  • How often to I have to take tests?
  • Where do I have to go to take my test?
  • Are Drug and Alcohol Tests really necessary?
  • Who is the authority?
  • How are Drug and Alcohol Programs operated?
  • When AM I able to Drink?