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U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) Maritime Drug & Alcohol Testing

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U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) Maritime Drug & Alcohol Testing

Those applying for a Captains license or other merchant mariner credential need a drug test and periodic drug testing every two years. The U.S. Coast Guard’s Drug and Alcohol Testing Program regulations promote a drug-free and safe work environment for the safe passage of embarked passengers and for carriage of cargo on U.S. waterways.

Crew-members performing safety sensitive duties must be in the drug and alcohol drug testing program. This includes: directing and mustering passengers in emergencies, passing out life-jackets, controlling and operating lifesaving equipment, controlling and operating firefighting equipment, and more. All crew-members, that are responsible for the safe handling of passengers, are considered to be filling safety sensitive positions as well.

This also applies to single vessel fishing guides and tour or cruise guides, like the Portland Spirit, who operate on any federal waters (including any bodies of water that connects to the ocean or bodies of water on federal land). If you are not sure who all need to be tested in your company, call CleanFleet today.

You can go to your state's fish and wildlife website to find all federal waters in your state. 


Required USCG Testing:

  • - Pre-employment: A crew-member must pass a drug test before an employer may employ him/her. 
  • - Periodic: Periodic tests are the responsibility of the individual mariner, not the marine employer, for transactions involving licenses, CORs, or MMDs. 
  • - Random: An employer must conduct random drug testing of certain crew-members at an annual rate of not less than 25%.
  • - Post-accident: A person who is directly involved in a serious marine incident must be tested for drugs and alcohol. 
  • - Reasonable cause: An employer shall require any crew-member who is reasonably suspected of using drugs to be tested for drugs and/or alcohol.


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