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Drug Testing Panels

Drug testing comes with a variety of options. After deciding to drug test, you need to know what drugs you should test for, how to test for them, and why.

The term “panel” refers to a drug or family of drugs included in a drug test. For example, the panel “opiates” includes morphine, codeine, and heroin. The more panels a test includes, the greater the scope of the test.

When putting together a group or panel of substances, employers can make sure their employee screening process matches their drug testing policies.

Choosing the panel drug test that works best for your company depends on several factors: including what industry you’re in, what laws apply to your industry for drug testing, and corporate culture.

We recommend the minimum panel should be the DOT Mirror as they are the most commonly abused drugs today. However, best practice for companies should be the Intel Panel as it covers the most commonly abused drugs plus easily abused pain killers and muscle relaxers as well.

Here are CleanFleet’s Drug Testing Panels for non-federal drug testing programs.

Why use CleanFleet

  • - Get results back in 48-96 hours after test
  • - We have male and female certified collectors on staff
  • - Little to no wait times
  • - Results can be reviewed by a Medical Review Office upon request to verify valid prescriptions
  • - DATIA Certified collection sites


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