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Consortium Membership

CleanFleet has been providing Drug and Alcohol Program Management and Consortium services nationwide since 1996 and are committed to assisting our clients to increase profitability through testing for safety in the workplace while managing the costs.

Cleanfleet is not just a third-party administrator that specializes in DOT and FMCSA drug and alcohol testing program management. We work with companies and agencies across all industries nationwide with existing programs to seamlessly bring program management, compliance, and costs under control.

As a Best-in-Class TPA, CleanFleet can support customized drug and alcohol screening programs that include any and all testing: Pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, return-to-work, and follow-up testing. We can also help set-up new testing policies and programs, customized for your needs. The breadth of the program is determined by you. Receive a FREE Consultation and Start Your Program Membership Today!

All Consortium Members include best-in-class consortium management in every stage of the drug testing process:


1. Random Selections Process

  • We ensure DOT compliance of managing pools of individuals governed by the Department of Transportation (DOT) to meet the minimum testing percentage requirements, currently at least 25% of most DOT governed employees in a testing pool must be randomly tested for drugs while 10% need to be tested for alcohol by the end of the testing year
  • We take the job of managing DOT testing seriously as each individual company depends upon the group to follow through with their drivers to meet the testing requirements
  • Our staff works tirelessly to ensure each company’s Designated Employer Representative (DER) is informed of driver selections and assists them in tracking which drivers have been tested and who have not
  • • We help find near-by collection sites across the nation.

2. Testing Process of Collection Site, Lab, and MRO

  • Calling collection site to make sure they have the right gender staff for an observed collection or that they have a Breath Alcohol Test equipment on site
  • • We then authorize the drug test and make sure forms are filled out correctly
  • • We send the info over to the employer DER and the collection site
  • • As soon as we know the donor went in, we get paperwork and make sure specimen is sent to the lab, that the lab received the specimen, and that the lab has all the required documents needed
  • • If there is a memorandum or correction needed, we make sure the collection site fixes any issues
  • • We call the lab daily until the test gets done
  • • If there is a positive test reported, we make sure the MRO process is handled as efficiently as possible

3. Quality Assurance

  • • We work with SAMHSA Certified Labs to ensure the highest accuracy in every test
  • • Members may choose to have a Medical Review Officer to review positive test results
  • • We ensure all results are legally defensible in the court of law
  • • We handle the required drug test document retention
  • • We help prepare audit packages
  • • We do MIS reporting and CDL positive reporting, and other state reporting requirements
  • • We are your expert resource in all drug testing industry regulations and news
  • • We do not violate any regulations and do not allow our members to violate regulations
  • • We offer Drug & Alcohol Policy Development and DER and Supervisor Training for our members

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