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Program Management: Workforce Drug & Alcohol Screening

workforce drug & alcohol screening at cleanfleet

Over sixty-five percent of all accidents on the job are related to misuse of drugs or alcohol, costing companies millions of dollars each year in tardiness, absenteeism, attitude problems, theft, decreased productivity, crime, violence and workers compensation costs.

Workforce drug and alcohol screening has become an important tool for companies to help reduce these common effects of misuse in the workplace.  Using customized CleanForce programs, we can help your organization establish and manage a full-service drug and alcohol screening program designed to each individual employer and budget.  We manage the entire program.

A variety of screening methods can be used including hair, oral fluid, and urine. The breadth of the test is determined by you.  SAMHSA Certified Labs are used to ensure the highest accuracy in every test. You may even choose to have a Medical Review Officer review test results. Let CleanFleet take the work and worry out of managing your Workforce Drug & Alcohol Screening program.


Do I Need to Drug Test?

Since your company is not a Federally mandated company required to have a drug testing program, why should you care? It's simple, substance and alcohol abuse is a problem today that costs companies thousands of dollars annually due to injury, workers comp, or productivity. Some jobs and industries happen to create the perfect environment for addiction to take hold.  The industries most affected by substance and alcohol abuse are below:

  1. 1. Accommodation (hotel) and Food Services = 16.9% (that's 1:6) rate of substance abuse
    • - This industry includes all those who work in companies that provide lodging and/or prepare meals, snacks and beverages for immediate consumption. “Hazardous drinking patterns” were identified in as many as 80% of male restaurant workers and 64% of females in the restaurant industry, according to a study published in the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse. These workers are dealing with multiple stressful job conditions and triggers for drug or alcohol abuse, often including: fast-paced environments, low wages, little opportunity for advancement, few breaks, and having easy access to alcohol. SAMHSA’s workplace study indicates that 11% of workers reporting past month alcohol abuse, and 19.1% reporting illicit drug use.
  2. 2. Construction = 14.3% rate of substance abuse
    • - This includes those companies engaged in building or engineering projects, such as highways and homes. It also includes employees involved in preparing construction sites for new construction and subdivision of property for future development, as well as contractors and subcontractors. Construction workers have the 2nd highest incidence of past-month heavy alcohol use at 16.5%.
  3. 3. Arts and Entertainment = 12.9% rate of substance abuse
    • - This may include roles on and off-stage in live performances or events, within museums, or establishments that operate services that enable patrons to pursue amusement, hobbies and leisurely interests.
  4. 4. Mining = 11.8% rate of substance abuse
    • - This includes those who work in obtaining oil, coal, solid and liquid minerals, and gases from the earth through the use of wells, tunnels, digging or drilling into the ground and more. Mining industry workers have the highest incidence of past-month heavy alcohol use at a staggering 17.5%
  5. 5. Utilities = 11.5% rate of substance abuse 
    • - The utilities sector is made up of companies that provide electric and natural gas services, steam and water services, as well as sewage removal.

Other industries that are in the top 10 industries with 10%+ rate of substance abuse include Sales/Management/Administration/Support, Retail trade, Agriculture/Forestry/Fishing, Wholesale trade, and Health Care Professionals industries (between 10 and 15 percent of all medical professionals will abuse or misuse drugs at one point or another during their career).


Ways to Protect your Company and Employees: 

  • - Pre-employment testing
  • - Random testing programs
  • - Reasonable suspicion and post-accident testing
  • - Return-to-work and follow-up testing


Our CleanForce program management can customize the above services with these additional services:

  • - Collection Site Management
  • - Recordkeeping and Reporting Assistance
  • - Medical Review Officer Services
  • - Testing by Certified Labs
  • - Consulting
  • - Consolidated Billing
  • - Reasonable Suspicion Supervisor Training


Quick and easy to set-up and use!  CleanFleet administers the program and handles the details!

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