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Drug & Alcohol Management Training

Training for Workforce Leaders

Educating yourself on drug and alcohol testing is critical to keeping your workplace drug free. We provide a variety of specimen collection, program administration and best practice training courses designed to help our clients develop and maintain drug testing programs that run as effectively and as smoothly as possible.

Whether you are implementing a new drug testing program, training a new employee or collector, or hoping to learn additional best practices, our training provides a variety of educational options available at your fingertips whenever you need them.

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Reasonable Suspicion Training

Protect your workforce, the workplace, the public, and your company with the Reasonable Suspicion Training.

Our Online DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training  is recommended for your company’s workforce leaders to determine if and/or when an employee may be impaired and then know the necessary steps to take to protect your company and the employee as it relates to specific company drug and alcohol policy compliance and safety.

The training will include the physical, behavioral, speech, and performance indicators of probable alcohol misuse and use of controlled substances.

This class is REQUIRED for DOT = 2.5 hours

This class is highly valuable for non-Federally regulated companies = 1.5 hours

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DOT Drug and Alcohol Training

DOT regulations can be mysterious. Often confusion can take place when navigating testing, record keeping, and auditor questions. Properly training DERs, Safety Directors, Human Resource Directors, and other key supervisory employees on DOT drug & alcohol regulations can be the key to passing an audit and protecting your company’s bottom line! Violations can cost a motor carrier thousands of dollars in hefty fines and lost revenue from poor safety ratings.

Most small companies utilize Consortium/Third Party Administrators (C/TPA’s) to manage drug & alcohol programs and required testing rates are usually met, but little is done to educate those companies about drug testing regulations. As a C/TPA we are finding great long-term benefit to spending a little time educating our members in the basics of DOT drug and alcohol testing.

We have partnered with Rules of the Road Training Center to give our clients a solid understanding of the regulations, with the goal of creating a foundation to effectively manage logistics of running a company in a heavily regulated industry. CleanFleet is proud to offer courses that are oriented toward educating the actual employers and drivers that fall under the regulation of the FMCSA.

Employer Responsibilities For Managing a DOT Regulated Drug and Alcohol

Congratulations! You have been selected to run the Drug and Alcohol program at your company. This may be your primary position, it may be one of your many functions at your company, or you may fill this role out of necessity. In any case, as the Designated Employer Representative (DER) you play one of the most important parts in the effectiveness and compliance of a DOT-governed operation. You are the front line in making sure that Drug users and Alcohol abusers are not endangering the nation’s roads.

CleanFleet is here to assist you in making sure that you are prepared for the nitty gritty of the Drug and Alcohol Testing world. We want you to be confident that you know what to do. By partnering with the Rules of the Road Training Center we are able to offer you comprehensive training that will prepare you to tackle the responsibilities that lay ahead. This training will cover:

  • • The Parts of a Drug and Alcohol Program
    • • What's and Why's of Testing
  • • What To Do When Your Driver Tests Positive
  • • What Service Agents Can Do for You


If you are interested in learning more about Drug and Alcohol Management Training, please fill out the form below. 

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