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Employer Responsibilities For Managing a DOT Regulated Drug and Alcohol Program


employer responsibilities for DOT programYou have been selected to run the Drug and Alcohol program at your company. This may be your primary position, it may be one of your many functions at your company, or you may fill this role out of necessity. In any case, as the Designated Employer Representative (DER) you play one of the most important parts in the effectiveness and compliance of a DOT-governed operation. You are the front line in making sure that Drug users and Alcohol abusers are not endangering the nation’s roads.

CleanFleet is here to assist you in making sure that you are prepared for the nitty gritty of the Drug and Alcohol Testing world. We want you to be confident that you know what to do. By partnering with the Rules of the Road Training Center we are able to offer you comprehensive training that will prepare you to tackle the responsibilities that lay ahead. This training will cover:

  • • The Parts of a Drug and Alcohol Program
    • • What's and Why's of Testing
  • • What To Do When Your Driver Tests Positive
  • • What Service Agents Can Do for You


If you are interested in learning more about Drug & Alcohol Management Training, please fill out the form below.