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What are eCCFs and their Benefits to Collection Sites?


What is eCCF?

Want to handle MORE business? Stop dealing with the setup of paper chains! eCCF is an electronic solution for drug test ordering, specimen collection processing, and chain of custody documentation for workplace drug testing. This electronic process eliminates the need for employers to order and store paper CCFs, to mail CCFs to the donor or collection site, or to follow up with the collection site to get the Employer Copy of the CCF. Now you can test anyone who walks through the door!


Q’s and A’s about eCCFs

Q: What equipment do collection sites need in order to perform eCCF collections?

A: eCCF enabled collection sites need a computer, Internet access, a printer, a signature pad, and a barcode scanner (or an iPad for both signature capture and barcode scanning) – about $200.

Q: Is there specific eCCF training required for collection sites?

A: Yes. Collection sites are trained on the eCCF Wizard. Third-party sites can obtain the training through FormFox.

Q: Is anything else shipped to the lab with the specimen?

A: Yes. The printed lab copy of the CCF (referred to as the Authoritative Copy) should accompany the specimen and be shipped to the lab.

Q: Do I still need to provide a wet signature after completing the collection? A: The electronic signature is sufficient unless the donor refuses to sign. A wet signature would then be required in such instances.

Q: Can I use eCCF for breath alcohol testing (BAT)?

A: Yes! But you must add CleanFleet as account for ordering after you have FormFox. We can help you set that up.

FormFox eCCF Benefits include:

  • • Web-based, reliable, easy-to-use software.
  • • Software wizards and prepopulated authorization forms reduce errors, improve quality.
  • • Comprehensive training and support.
  • • Better Collection Process Quality.
  • • Omissions along with the rework required to correct them are avoided.
  • • Digital CCF Archive.
  • • eBAT ordering available after set-up

FormFox is the leading electronic Custody and Control (electronic CCF) solution in the industry because we understand that software has to make your job easier.

How can a collection site sign up to use eCCF?

1. Purchase necessary equipment which is at: ( prior to contacting FormFox and moving forward (about $200).

2. Email with subject line “Interested in eCCF” to Richard Bradshaw at FormFox: to go through paper work and sign up process.

3. Decide on the FREE Basic FormFox or Pro FormFox (allows auto delivery of eCCFs to MRO, TPA, Employer and Lab) which costs.

4. Go through DOT Training for free with FormFox.