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2018 Positive Drug Testing Statistics

2018 Positive Drug Testing Statistics - Download our ebook!

CleanFleet is a national Best-In-Class TPA with the experience, training, staff, and certifications/ accreditations needed to handle your company’s Drug Testing Program, no matter your industry.

While helping thousands of companies manage their drug and alcohol programs, we took a look at all the positive drug tests and analyzed them in different categories. Most of our tests are handled in the Pacific Northwest, although many tests are handled nationwide. Our analysis discusses the national expansion of legal marijuana and a look at the opioid epidemic.

What we are looking at:

  • - Federal DOT Positive Test Stats
  • - What Drug Type found in Positive Test Stats
  • - Testing Reason Positive Test Stats (pre-employment, random, post-accident, etc)

If there are ever any questions or concerns about managing your drug and alcohol policy or program management or are having problems with your current consortium, please don’t hesitate to give CleanFleet a call at (503) 479-6082.