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Should you be expecting more from your TPA or Consortium? What does this look like?

When was the last time your TPA or Consortium looked over your company’s policy or told you about the new laws and trends that could be affecting your company?

Let’s take a quick look at What Your 3rd Party (TPA, C/TPA) Should Be Able To Do. Download the ebook now.

  • - Basics In Evaluating A TPA
  • - Qualification And Experience
  • - What A TPA Should Be Able To Do
  • - Best-In-Class Drug & Alcohol Testing Program Management
  • - Can Employers Still Drug Test For Marijuana, Even After Legalization?

If there are ever any questions or concerns about managing your drug and alcohol policy or program management or are having problems with your current consortium, please don’t hesitate to give CleanFleet a call at (503) 479-6082.