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Whitepaper: The Ins & Outs of Managing a Compliant Random Testing Program


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Managing a compliant random selection testing program is much more complex than just pulling names out of a hat. To ensure compliance with the regulations and reduce the risk of legal challenges, employers need to understand the process and make a number of decisions.

Employers must decide whether they want their employees isolated in their own selection pool or as part of a bigger pool of other employers’ employees.

This whitepaper covers:

  • • Placing employees in a random testing pool
  • • Calculating the number of tests needed to meet the random testing rate
  • • Performing the random selections
  • • Notifying employees that they have been selected for testing
  • • Employees not available for testing and selecting alternates
  • • Maintaining Documents and Records of the Random Program

If there are ever any questions or concerns about managing your drug and alcohol policy or program management or are having problems with your current consortium, please don’t hesitate to give CleanFleet a call at (503) 479-6082.

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