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24/7 On-Site and Mobile Collections

Many employers, especially small to mid-sized companies, believe their only affordable and compliant options for drug testing involve sending their employees away from the workplace to an off-site facility. And while most vocational drug testing occurs in an off-site facility, when an employee is away from the workplace, employers are forced to monitor their chains of custody remotely or through another employee sent with the donor.

However, studies show on-site and mobile collections testing has a higher rate of positives than clinic based testing, most likely because of the element of surprise.

If you are committed to creating and maintaining a drug-free workplace with little to no interruptions in your operations, on-site collection may be the right option for you.


For companies who are based-in or have operations in the Portland Metro area:

CleanFleet will work with you to schedule and plan a test or series of tests suited to your needs, either during business hours or after, with one of our DOT certified collectors.

If you want to be prepared case of an on-site accident or a reasonable suspicion incident, we can also help you create an emergency, on-call testing program, so you can call us when you need an unscheduled drug test at your place of business – day or night, weekday or weekend. 

onsite mobile drug testing

Performing collections at your place of business:

  • • Reduces Employee Downtime
  • • Less Opportunity for Subversion of the Testing Process
  • • Prevents employees from stopping en route to a collection site to get clean urine or adulterants, and also from over-hydrating beforehand in an attempt to dilute their specimen.

What to do Next:

  • • To plan a scheduled, on-site collection, please contact us at least five business days prior to your preferred date.
  • • To find out more about our on-call testing program, please give us a call or email us! See our contact information below!
  • • Night and weekend appointments available anywhere in the Portland Metro area!
  • • For larger companies, can organize on-site testing at your facilities nationwide with our network of sites.

Office Phone: 503.479.6082

After hours/Onsite Phone: 503.479.6082 opt 2

Get started or learn more about 24/7 Mobile On-site Testing by filling out the form below.