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Rapid vs Lab Urine Testing

rapid vs lab urine testing

Rapid (Instant) Urine Testing

Rapid (Instant) Urine Testing provides results within a few minutes of the collection. This is valuable for On-site Collections, which CleanFleet provides in the Portland metro area: 24/7 Mobile & On-site Collections. Restroom facilities are required for rapid collections.

There are several U.S. FDA cleared rapid testing devise options, but they provide a limited number of drug panel configurations.  Lab-based confirmation testing is required for non-negative initial screens. Confirmed testing turnaround time ranges from 24 to 72 hours.

Under Department of Transportation regulations, rapid urine testing is not permitted by the DOT, although available for your company’s non-DOT drug testing program collections.

Drugs Detected

  • • Amphetamine/methamphetamine/ecstasy
  • • Barbiturates
  • • Benzodiazepines
  • • Cannabinoid (THC)
  • • Cocaine
  • • Opiates (codeine, morphine, 6-acetylmorphine)
  • • Phencyclidine (PCP)
  • • Propoxyphene


Lab (Traditional) Urine Testing

Lab-based (Traditional) Urine Testing offers reliable results when performed at a certified laboratory that can provide hundreds of different drug panel configurations for your testing program. Turnaround times range from 48 to 96 hours. Testing must be done at a nearby collection site. Lab Urine Testing is the most common drug test method and permitted for DOT testing under DOT regulations.

CleanFleet can find a site nearest you that is within our 4,000 site network nationwide. In order to keep you informed on where results are, our staff is in constant contact with the lab every day in order to get results reported to an MRO as quickly as possible. As a TPA/Consortium, this is all we can do within the testing process to get results back to the donor and their company as quickly as possible.

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