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Physicals and Medical Exams

DOT physicals and medical exams

Medical exams are becoming the norm in many industries. Once restricted to industries with a high incidence of work-site-related accidents, more and more employers are now seeing the advantages of requesting them. The exams ensure that you are in good health and able to do the job you’re being hired for. The company is protecting itself against liability claims by doing this, but it’s also protecting you by confirming you’re in good physical shape and mentally capable of doing the job.

As a full-service Third-Party Administrator, CleanFleet offers Physicals and Medical exams to our DOT and non-DOT clients in Oregon to ensure their employees and drivers are physically qualified to do their job, such as operating a commercial motor vehicle in accordance with federal regulations.

Schedule your physical online at our Clackamas, Oregon or North Portland, Oregon locations. 


3 Common Types of Medical Exams

A work fitness assessment provides companies with objective information regarding an employee’s capacity for work, and assist with matching a worker to a suitable task or roles.

Fitness-for-duty examinations confirm that employees can perform their job duties upon return from medical leave and to establish baseline medical information as part of company's health and wellness initiatives. A potential employee’s ability to effectively meet specific job requirements is fundamental in ensuring their health and wellbeing, as well as optimal productivity levels for an employer.

Pre-employment physicals determine whether applicants or employees are medically and physically able to perform their roles and to establish a medical baseline for employees in accordance with the appropriate regulatory agency (DOT, OSHA, etc.)

Used in conjunction with pre-employment physicals, a work fitness assessment can assist in the appropriate selection of new employees. The information gathered is unquestionably valuable in assessing higher risk employees where issues such as BMI, previous injury, and degenerative factors may be present when the job role is considered medium or above in physical demand.


What Does the Exam Cover?

  • • General Physical Exam - vital signs and medical history.
  • • Basic Hearing and Vision Test
  • • Possible Respiratory Test
  • • and other Possible Specialty Tests as requested by the Employer


CleanFleet’s DOT Medical Exam at our Oregon CleanFleet Clinics

Schedule your physical online at our Clackamas, Oregon or North Portland, Oregon locations.

Before you choose a medical examiner, ask yourself these three questions:

  1. 1. Am I OK with a physician telling me that one of my drivers or potential drivers is not fit to drive?
  2. 2. Am I willing to either work with that driver to get him fit or to part ways with the driver?
  3. 3. Is ensuring the safety of the driver and other drivers on the road more important than just certification and approval?

If you answered “Yes” to all three questions, you may want to use CleanFleet as your resource for DOT medical exams. Trust, honesty, no conflicts of interest, and a commitment to safety – this is what makes CleanFleet different.


Trust – we trust and expect our physicians to make the best judgment possible when deciding whether a driver is medically fit for duty  

Honesty – If a driver does not appear fit for duty, our physicians will tell him so because it might mean saving the life of a driver

No conflicts of interest – We don’t penalize our doctors for denying medical certificates to drivers and we don’t give them incentives for approving drivers

Commitment to Safety – Our business and reputation is based on ensuring the safety and security of our clients, and reducing their liability. We will never do anything to jeopardize our reputation even if that means losing business

If you still want to work with a best in class provider of medical exams, we can also ensure:

Little wasted time – our clients’ drivers are usually in and out of an exam within 30 minutes. For walk-in appointments, drivers usually wait less than 10 minutes to see a physician

No shadow work – CleanFleet forwards medical results to the DMV so you, or your drivers, don’t have to

Want to learn more about CleanFleet’s DOT Medical Exam service or schedule an exam for yourself or a driver? Give us a call or fill out the form below and we’ll contact you!


If you are interested in learning more about compliant Physicals and Medical Exams, please fill out the form below.