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Program Management

Program Management: CleanForce For The Workforce

workforce program managementOver sixty-five percent of all accidents on the job are related to misuse of drugs or alcohol, costing companies millions of dollars each year in tardiness, absenteeism, attitude problems, theft, decreased productivity, crime, violence and workers compensation costs.

Workforce drug and alcohol screening has become an important tool for companies to help reduce these common effects of misuse in the workplace.  Using customized CleanForce programs, we can help your organization establish and manage a full-service drug and alcohol screening program designed to each individual employer and budget. 

We manage the entire program. Learn More Here.


Program Management: CleanFleet For DOT

DOT drug testing program managementCleanFleet has been a leader in DOT drug and alcohol screening since 2003, and continually excels at providing fully DOT compliant screening programs to our clients. Our programs include all the screening types required by the DOT as well as support from our knowledgeable and trained staff.

CleanFleet manages thousands of Screenings annually, and each client receives everything needed to comply with the complex regulations from a single source. We are your professional DOT drug testing partner for your drivers, employees, and pre-employment screening programs.

We manage the entire program. Learn More Here.