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Driver Qualification File Preparation

A Little About DQ Files

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration considers the driver hiring process to be a critical element in building and maintaining a safe carrier operation. An extensive review of a candidates driving history can weed out unsafe drivers from ever driving for your company or pin point areas where further training could correct bad driving habits before they negatively impact your company.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations outline minimum requirements and documentation for hiring a driver. This process and compilation of documents is called the Driver Qualification (DQ) file.

Minimum compliance in preparing a DQ file requires an exacting and time consuming process to gather and document all of the required information which is used in the hiring decision. Our service provides all of the required document preparation and research leaving you with just the evaluation and hiring decision. Our DQ file preparation service will give you the information that can improve the quality of drivers you hire and insure your files will pass a DOT audit.

Here is how we can help!

$150.00 per driver

*Includes MVR Report*

CleanFleet's Driver Qualification File Preparation

  • - Provide all required FMCSR Driver Qualification forms
  • - Work with each driver candidate, in person or over the phone, to complete all forms
  • - Obtain Driver Signatures on required completed forms
  • - Process “records of inquiry” to past employers (up to 3 attempts)
  • - Obtain Motor Vehicle Record (MVR)
  • - Recap results and indicate areas where clients may want more information from the candidate
  • - Provide client a paper and/or electronic DQ file containing all completed documents
  • - Also, confirm that medical card was performed by a certified examiner
  • - Verify that CDL & medical card are valid

Customize the program to meet your needs...

For those companies who want to go beyond minimum DQ file requirements, we can customize a program that can meet your needs.  Additional services can include:

  • - Gathering additional violation history (PSP report)
  • - Completing criminal and Social Security back ground checks,
  • - Inserting/reviewing specific company policies,
  • - Onboarding training videos
  • - Driver retention programs


It’s important to note that from the regulatory side, failure to institute and maintain these very basic DQ files can lead to DOT fines, CSA violations, unsatisfactory Safety Rating and even Out of Service Orders.  From a risk management perspective, failure can place your company at extreme financial risk in any accident litigation.

dq file management

Driver Qualification File Management


Go beyond DQ File Prep. The FMCSR minimums for hiring document compliance requires an exacting and time consuming process. Our DQ File Management services provide all of the filling out, researching and maintaining, leaving you with just the evaluation. Ongoing file maintenance requirements are no less time consuming. Our electronic file management system places all of the documents at your fingertips, 24/7, with just a click of the mouse.

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