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Staffing Agencies and HR: Drug Testing Program Management

Employment and staffing agencies have a large impact on workplace safety across the United States as it is their job to assist companies in hiring qualified permanent or temporary workers.

We understand that the staffing industry plays a vital role in the economy and gives employers flexibility, speed, and access to quality talent.

Businesses depend on staffing employees to keep fully staffed during busy times, and to support major projects, new clients, and business growth.

Staffing agencies can increase the flexibility, speed, and qualified talent by working with a best-in-class drug and alcohol testing program management companies, like CleanFleet.

staffing agencies drug testing program management

Why Drug Testing by Staffing Companies Creates a Better Workplace

Pre-employment drug screening helps staffing professionals identify prospective hires that might create an unsafe or unproductive work environment.

It is widely understood that drug abuse and addiction can cripple the workplace, so it is important to identify issues before a business has invested time and money into a new hire.

For example, according to the US Department of Labor in 2011, substance abuse is a factor in 38-50% of workers’ compensation claims, and 35% of fatalities.

Drug and alcohol testing can help staffing agencies and their business clients reduce the problems of:

  • • Poor attendance and absenteeism
  • • Poor work quality and errors
  • • Work-related accidents and injuries
  • • Employee turnover
  • • Distractions that diminish productivity
  • • Theft
  • • Workplace conflicts
  • • Decreased team morale

If you want to see the many statistics for the benefits of drug testing, check out Why Employers and Staffing Agencies should drug test.

Where CleanFleet can help the Staffing Industry

CleanFleet is a Best-In-Class TPA with the experience, training, staff, and certifications/accreditations needed to handle your company’s Drug Testing Program, no matter your industry and has been providing Drug and Alcohol Program Management and Consortium needs nationwide, to thousands of clients, since 2001.

We already have the tools to customize testing employer’s needs:

  • • We have many testing panels available that can fit the requirements of any employer
  • • Fast turnaround on results
  • • Vast network of testing facilities
  • • We offer multiple types of tests: Urine, Oral, Hair, Breath Alcohol Tests

Having a 3rd party that specializes in making sure your drug testing program follows state and federal rules and regulations relieves the burden of the following tasks:

  • • Managing multiple vendor relationship (such as collection sites, labs, and Medical Review Officers)
  • • Vetting new vendors and collection sites
  • • Chasing paperwork and chain-of-custody forms
  • • Data entry and storing documents
  • • Managing the random testing employee pool
  • • Staying up-to-date on new state or federal guidelines
  • • Results can be reviewed by a Medical Review Office upon request to verify valid prescriptions
  • • DATIA Certified collection sites

We have a proven record and can work with companies and agencies with existing programs to seamlessly bring program management, compliance and costs under control.

CleanFleet does more than managing drug testing programs

We can do even more by helping set-up a new testing policy, reasonable suspicion training, and background checks.

  • • Policy Development: CleanFleet can help companies with policy development from the ground up that can include: Policy Purpose, Specimen Types, Testing Procedures, Prescription Drug Disclosure, Department of Transportation (DOT), Mandatory State Drug Testing Laws, Marijuana Laws, Workers' Compensation Denial/Reduction, Unemployment Denial, Workers' Compensation Premium Discounts, ADA, Prohibited Conduct,  and Consequences
  • • Reasonable Suspicion Training: Our Online Reasonable Suspicion Training is recommended for your company’s workforce leaders to determine if and/or when an employee may be impaired and then know the necessary steps to take to protect your company and the employee as it relates to specific company drug and alcohol policy compliance and safety.
  • • Background Checks: Background screening is a simple and inexpensive tool to help give a 360 degree view of your potential employee. Screening the criminal history and credentials of an applicant is the best way to keep your company from hiring a criminal, registered sex offender, an exaggerator of credentials, or just a plain liar, reducing your company's risk and liability. It’s so easy to run a background screening check that it is almost unthinkable that some companies still make hiring decisions without the reassurance that a background check provides.

Want CleanFleet to help manage or customize a testing program or want more information? Please fill out the form below.