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Webinar: How the DOT Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse will Affect My Company Today

Saving Lives, Protecting Assets

How the DOT Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse will Affect My Company Today

Industry expert Lukas Shaw talks about the DOT Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse and how it affects your company today.

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Let CleanFleet Manage your Drug Testing Program

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CleanFleet manages thousands of screenings annually, and each client receives everything needed to comply with the complex regulations from a single source. We are your professional DOT drug testing partner for your drivers, employees, and pre-employment screening programs.

Our program management services assist our clients by increasing profitability through testing for safety in the workplace while managing the costs.

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Reasonable Suspicion Training $89/person

Being a SUPERHERO means protecting your workforce, the workplace, the public, and your company. Another tool in your arsenal is Reasonable Suspicion Training and making sure your managers are updated and current on what to look for.

Our Online Reasonable Suspicion Training is recommended for your company’s workforce leaders to determine if and/or when an employee may be impaired and then know the necessary steps to take to protect your company and the employee as it relates to specific company drug and alcohol policy compliance and safety. 

The training will include the physical, behavioral, speech, and performance indicators of probable workplace VILLAINS: alcohol misuse and use of controlled substances.

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Not Happy with your C/TPA?


We understand there are not very good TPAs out there, but a good 3rd party should specialize in making sure your drug testing program follows state and federal rules and regulations relieves the burden of the following tasks: Managing multiple relationships (such as collection sites, labs, and MROs), Vetting new vendors and collection sites, Chasing paperwork and chain-of-custody forms, Data entry and storing documents, Managing the random testing employee pool, and more.

CleanFleet is a Best-In-Class TPA with the experience, training, staff, and certifications/accreditations needed to handle your company’s Drug Testing Program.

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Let CleanFleet be your SIDEKICK!


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