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Workforce Reasonable Suspicion Training

Protect your workforce, the workplace, the public, and your company with our Reasonable Suspicion Training.

Did you know that Americans consume 60% of the world’s production of illegal drugs or that 10-20% of the nation's workers who die at work also test positive for drugs or alcohol?

Our Online Reasonable Suspicion Training  is recommended for your company’s workforce leaders to determine if and/or when an employee may be impaired and then know the necessary steps to take to protect your company and the employee as it relates to specific company drug and alcohol policy compliance and safety.

The training will include the physical, behavioral, speech, and performance indicators of probable alcohol misuse and use of controlled substances.

Only $89.00 per Person!

This training is available for Online Video Training or Live Webinar Training. We also provide on-site classroom training by request for the Portland, Oregon metro area.

  • • This class is REQUIRED for DOT = 2.5 hours
  • • This class is highly valuable for non-Federally regulated companies = 1.5 hours

If you are interested, please fill out the form and one of our staff will reach out to you shortly.

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